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As an AV and IT systems integration service provider, working in onsite implementation, project management and operations maintenance, OCL Media faces projects of increasing size, complexity and risk. Our job is to make sure that all of the components come together and to see that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Yet the definition of “all the components” keeps getting broader and more complex. More and more IT projects depend on critical systems integration (SI) issues, including client/ server development, open systems design, enterprise solution implementation, legacy systems maintenance and multi-site deployment.

We identify and explore the complex technical and business issues involved in integrating custom software, hardware solutions, telecommunications networks, commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), business procedures and services, and support facilities for the client.

Through our growing list of case studies we will share our experience in what it takes to be the project manager on a typical SI project. This will help develop an understanding and appreciation of the problems that can occur and how we explore ways to solve them.



Fortune 500 Companies look to us for solutions that improve efficiency and ultimately reduce capital and operating expenses.

Our Government Solutions provide a proven level of protocol that caters to the procedures and security check lists of many state, local and federal offices and personnel needs.



OCL Media Education clients have benefited from the new and unique break-through technology that assists teachers to interface with students more directly so that their effectiveness in demonstrating concepts and ideas breaks old barriers and opens up new levels of interaction.

The Healthcare sector recognizes OCL Media as a resource for providing the AV and IT support for both administrative offices and the solutions to effectively link and operate systems for the large numbers of rooms for patients and staff.



Manufacturing and production companies in the Industrial area have a high demand for innovation and are being serviced with a very large array of available AV and IT integration systems that are unprecedented in the world today. The executives of these small and large companies understand that this technology is required to compete and lower their costs to achieve a stronger bottom line.

No where is it more evident
to the public that new cost effective communications and WiFi technology is now available on the vehicles of the Transportation Industry. Three areas with the most growth are Rail lines & Subway transit, Bus lines and Ferry Boat lines. These areas of transport move large numbers of people in mass transit and the demand is rising to allow a level of convenience to attract more riders. The service helps busy people have more opportunities to connect via WiFi to the Internet while moving from point to point

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